Put a smile on your face and rejoice! The dreary winter months have finally passed, the sun is back in full force and you can finally venture out onto your patio, porch, verandah or deck and… Oh dear, that cracked concrete and/or splintered, weathered wood doesn’t exactly look like an inviting space for your bare feet, tumbling toddlers or impromptu picnicking, does it?

You’ve already sunk a ton into turning the inside of your home into a viable living space/working office/amusement park/survival shelter, so you’re not crazy to balk at the idea of plunking down yet another small fortune on rehabilitating your outdoor spaces that you’ll get to use maybe five or six months this year. But before your newly won smile turns into a frown and a season-long migraine, let us give you another good reason to break out into a grin: Boutique Rugs is offering you a solution that will revamp your outdoor spaces for a fraction of the price of a deck, patio or backyard renovation.

With the brand’s seemingly limitless collection of beautiful, high-quality outdoor rugs, you’ll be sure to find a rug that will transform a humdrum patio into a vibrant entertaining space or a busted-looking deck into a place with a gentle but durable floor covering where kids can safely play. Basically, Boutique Rugs is giving you an affordable, practical way to bring your living room out into the sunshine. That’s true no matter what space you’re trying to cover, as their rugs run the gamut of sizes and styles.

Madras Area Rug (starting at $34.12;

Fancy taking the easel outside and painting your newest still life under natural light? The bohemian-chic Madras Area Rug evokes both Rive Gauche aesthetics and Subcontinental spirituality.

Utopia Area Rug (starting at $52;

Want to jump right into the summer and its accompanying fantasies of a tropical island vacation? The Utopia Area Rug will splash your patio with silhouettes of palm fronds and tropical greenery. Your guests will all but hear the soothing rustle of leaves in a coconut-scented breeze.

Broadmeadows Area Rug (starting at $46;

Farmhouse rustic more your style? The Broadmeadows Area Rug’s classic and stylish faded-blue, red and beige pattern will add a subtle pop of color against that barnhouse scheme you’ve got going in the yard.

Liguanea Area Rug (starting at $82;

And there’s nothing wrong with the classic appeal of the traditional Liguanea Area Rug, with butter cream/burnt orange/sky blue flourishes that’ll make your balcony into a proper tea parlor in about as long as it takes to sweep out a 5-by-7 area and lay down a runner.

And because Boutique Rugs regularly offers sales of up to 60% off, it’s always a good idea to check in on the Boutique Rugs site for the latest looks for pennies on the dollar. This May, take 60% OFF with code CNN60, in celebration of Mother’s Day, Boutique Rug’s Birthday and Memorial Day!

Even though its outdoor rugs are long-lasting, there’s always room for more great rugs — or the brand’s extensive collection of side tables and accents, pillows and throws for livening up even more of your outdoor spaces.

The events of the last year have made our personal outdoor spaces even more precious to us than before, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay out the nose to maintain your al fresco safe spaces. Boutique Rugs offers that ideal intersection of comfortable, good-looking, affordable and long-lasting for every need.

And that’ll really put a smile on your face.

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