The spring market is upon us! This means it’s time for home sellers to come out of hibernation, contact their Realtors® and get their homes ready to list. Zillow research shows that 73% of homeowners make at least one improvement before selling, but which improvements are the right ones to fetch top dollar? We’ve got you covered with nine home improvements that will make your listings shine in the eyes of today’s home buyers.

Address desire for mental health spaces

The past few years have been tough for all of us, so it’s no surprise that homeowners are looking for ways to improve mental health at home. Demonstrating a home’s ability to cater to self-care practices could mean the difference between getting a good price and getting top dollar for your listings.

Highlight flexible spaces

Have a large corner within the footprint of an existing room that works perfectly as a meditation corner? What about a den, office, or workout room that could be used for pretty much anything? Agents and their sellers should highlight and stage the flexible spaces available within their listings.

Create spa-inspired bathrooms

Basic bathrooms are out. Spa-like touches are in. Homeowners are vastly more impressed by bathrooms that show off their potential as self-care centers. Create the sense of calm that buyers seek by reglazing outdated tile, swapping out vanities for elegant, furniture-style vanities, making some hardware swaps, and staging for self-care.

Give buyers peace-of-mind

Homebuyers have indicated that they want to avoid renovations and problems with plumbing and electricity for years. This is the top reason buyers choose to buy new. Furthermore, with the lack of control we’ve all felt throughout the duration of the pandemic, consumers are seeking control. While wear and tear of homes is entirely normal, signs of it will undoubtedly result in lower offers. Prospective buyers will find themselves wondering about how well the home has been maintained and think about the potential repairs and replacements they’ll need to make room for in their budgets. Luckily, there are three simple fixes for standard wear and tear.

Address deferred maintenance

There are many issues that current homeowners are willing to live with that would send potential buyers running for the hills. Take care of any necessary repairs to ensure you don’t receive low-ball offers—that could upset your sellers.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint is one of the most basic pre-listing updates, and should always be recommended. Over time, walls get scuffed, scraped, and sometimes even drawn all over. Applying a fresh coat of paint before selling is an easy fix, and can make the entire home feel newer and bigger.

Replace or refinish worn-down flooring

Hardwood floors get worn down over time, but can easily be refinished. Carpet in high traffic areas can become worn or stained. In some cases, simply deep cleaning carpet is enough. In other cases, it makes sense to replace the carpet—either with more carpet or a flooring option more suitable for today’s buyers.

Make the outside shine

It’s spring, so people will naturally focus more on the outside of the home. Many buyers imagine spring gardening, summer cookouts, and fall fire pit nights. This makes sprucing up and staging a property’ exteriors prior to listing incredibly important.

Refresh the curb appeal

Look at the property from the front and take note of anything that doesn’t look picture perfect. From landscaping to painting the exterior of the home, improving a home’s curb appeal is key for standing out on the market.

Stage the backyard

Clean up and stage backyards to inspire outdoor living. Buyers are eager to spend some time outdoors after the cold, winter months. Create a welcoming backyard that they can envision themselves enjoying to up the ante on incoming offers.

Focus on what buyers care about most

There are main living areas, in which we spend most of our time, that cannot be ignored when preparing a home for the market. Show off these spaces’ capabilities by making them shine through simple updates and staging.

Family room

Family rooms are a place to gather, and envisioning how the space can come to life can make a buyer fall in love. Help them imagine their family coming together to talk, play and hang out with thoughtful staging. Modernize the room with simple updates, including fresh paint, updated flooring, and a modern fireplace design.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a huge focal point for home buyers. Last year we spoke with agent, Kathy Friedman, who said her buyer client had actually purchased a Curbio’d home, and the updated kitchen was the main selling point. Kitchen updates can be big or small. At Curbio, we advise agents and their sellers on which updates will result in the highest profit.

When you work with Curbio, you unlock access to a full-service pre-listing home improvement solution for agents and their clients. We’ve got your back with pay-at-closing updates, with no scope limits, fees, or interest charges. We’ll take on any work necessary to get a home market-ready and sold quickly for top dollar. Get started with a free, no-obligation estimate today!

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